Adam Trowbridge video art - performance - interactive art + design

Dog Days

a New Media Theater Performance
at the University of Illinois Chicago, Art and Architecture Building,
929 W. Harrison Street, Chicago, IL
March 18 & March 19, 8PM
performed by: Jenna Anast, Phil Biedron, Chris Borek,
Evan F. Caccioppoli, Clarissa Cruickshank, Jessica A. Roach

Dog Days from Adam Trowbridge on Vimeo.

Director and artist Adam Trowbridge will present "Dog Days", a new media theater performance incorporating live performance, iPod-shuffled dialogue and Wiimote-controled video projection at the University of Illinois Chicago's Art and Architecture building on March 18 and March 19 at 8 PM.

Dog Days is set on the edges of human intersection: where communication breaks down. Performers interact by way of a limited set of phrases, stuttered dialogue and indecipherable utterances. It is constructed of references to popular language, including the line, ?this is not a game,? among others, from 12 Angry Men, multiple lines from Scanners and Silent Hill, as well as a collapsing interrogation based upon the interrogation scenes of Saw IV. The result is a temporary structure that skims the surface of the chaos that erupts as language breaks down. The focus of Dog Days is intersubjectivity: the common sense, or that sense that is common to a set of people, that is the basis of communication. Dialogue randomized by iPod shuffles is repeated by performers as they synch their movements to the interruptions. A Wiimote from the Wii gaming system captures data from the actor's movements and relays it to a projected video control system. The performance questions communication beyond transfer of existing information even as the need to speak is the driving force behind the piece. It also investigates systems of control and the relation of live, human-based theater to mass media.

Adam Trowbridge is an artist focused on research that fractures the intersection of sensation and cognition. Materially, his recent work has been in the form of theater, performance, computer-driven installation and video. He holds a MFA in Electronic Visualization from the University of Illinois Chicago and a BFA in painting and sculpture from the University of Central Florida, where he studied under sculptor Johann Eyfells. His work has been featured nationally and internationally including Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago; Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Ontario; MicroCineFest, Baltimore, MD; and Square Eyes Festival, The Netherlands.